Skills Contest [POWERED BY TOPYA!]


WAILUKU, MAUI, HAWAI‘I (Feb. 1, 2019) – With strong support from Minit Stop and Ohana Fuels, the Hawaii Soccer Federation (HSF) just launched its next TopYa! skills contest. The program is designed to keep players motivated and engaged away from the pitch – in a way which embraces technology to better player development and methodology.  The contest launch seeks to hold every player accountable for their own development, which in turn gives players the opportunity to see more enjoyment and success on the field.

Since the TopYa! skill contest coincides with winter futsal, the program is powered with futsal content – such as futsal fundamentals, dribbling, and ball mastering. All of the skills challenges can be completed in one’s own time and space.  HSF and its partners – TopYa!, Hawaii Futsal, and the MISO Junior League – are confident that players will find the content to be both challenging and achievable. Best of all, this is a FREE Program – sponsored by Minit Stop and Ohana Fuels.

There will be prizes for the top scorers in each age group.  However, the most important reward is competing with oneself, developing persistence and an enhanced overall comfort with the ball.

TopYa! Contest Details

Competition dates: February 1 through March 3

Complete skills in the TopYa! Soccer app to earn points

The player with most points in each age group at the end of the competition will win prizes!

How To Get Started


If your child is under 13, using this app will require your permission. Therefore, please complete the signup process with your child. Follow the instructions in the Player section below before creating your Parent account, then you will receive an authorization email or text. Once you reply “yes,” you will be associated with your child in the app and your child will have full access to the skills and features in the Player account.

Please remember to write down your child’s username and password!


Option 1: If you do NOT already have a TopYa account:

  1. Send a TEXT to 720-613-6253 containing the code 23618

  2. You will receive a text back with a link to download the TopYa! Soccer app (don’t worry, it’s free).

  3. Once you have the app, create a new Player account and select your appropriate age group. (Remember, if you are under 13, you will need to connect your account with a Parent account.)

  4. Once you are logged into the app as a Player, go to the Skills Academy where you can start practicing your skills to earn points and win prizes!

Option 2: If you already have a TopYa Player account:

  1. Log into your Player account in the TopYa! Soccer app

  2. From the main menu in the app, access your profile by tapping the top of the screen by your username/profile picture

  3. Select the “Invite Code” tab

  4. Enter the following invite code 23618 and tap “Save”

  5. On the next screen, select your age group (i.e. “Team”) and finish by tapping “Add Team”

  6. Then, head over to the Skills Academy to get started!

That’s all it takes to get started! The TopYa! Support team is available for all technical issues, via Program feedback is welcomed, by contacting Vernon Kapua‘ala at

Good luck and have fun!




Hawaii Soccer Federation