Programs & Events

By supporting the Hawaii Soccer Federation, you become a partner in the critical role we play in youth development and achievement.  Below is a list of programs and events that you and your company could be a part of.



HSF operates fall and spring leagues on the islands of Maui and Kaua‘i, where individual player development is prioritized before overall team results.  We provide a pathway and process to improve the quality of the daily experience by raising standards in club structure, organization, and operation, and in coaching development and education.  Well led clubs will generally develop better players, critically tying HSF to the overall player development process.


HSF’s PDP events aim to identify and further develop talented and motivated players by providing specialized training with experienced coaches, designed to showcase and promote players to U.S. Soccer national teams and training centers, professional clubs, collegiate programs, and other prestigious competitions and events.


HSF partners with the futsal authorities of Hawai‘i, Australia, and the U.S., to host Australia’s National 12-U Team on an international tour, where cultural exchange and education culminates in a three-day tournament between nations.  The 2017 tournament will be held on the Big Island; The 2018 tournament will be expanded to include other Austronesian countries from Oceania, and will be held at the Hawaiʻi Convention Center on Oʻahu.


Futsal is the international term used for the indoor version of soccer that is sanctioned by the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA).  HSF’s President was appointed the State Commissioner of the sport in 2011, and through Hawaii Futsal, operated winter and spring leagues on Maui, Kaua‘i, and the Big Island annually.


HSF partners with the MISO Jr. League on O‘ahu to operate Hawai‘i’s only state soccer tournament that offers title winners direct berth to a national cup final.  Clubs and teams from all four major islands participate annually.  In 2017, the Hawaiʻi State Cup grew to become the most highly attended state tournament in Hawaiʻi.


Through Hawaii Futsal, HSF operates Hawaiʻi’s only Futsal Championship—where title winners gain direct berth to U.S. Futsal’s National Championships in California.  Teams from all four major Hawaiian Islands attend the island wide competition.  The 2018 event will be held on the Big Island.

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Referees and other coaches are often viewed as opponents, rather than partners in youth development.  HSF seeks to replace the "cutthroat culture" which currently plagues youth sports into a "culture of winning with integrity".  Hawai'i Soccer Federation has created MENTOR, Maui's first youth soccer referee mentoring program.  The mission of the program is to rebuild Maui's youth soccer referee pool by providing year-round referee training both on the field and in classroom settings.