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HSF is a member league of US Club Soccer.  As such, and in accordance with U.S. Soccer, US Club Soccer Staff Registration is required of all individuals coaching, managing or working with US Club Soccer-registered youth players.  This includes, but is not necessarily limited to, all coaches, assistant coaches, and team managers, assigned to a team with youth players, regardless of whether they are volunteers or paid staff, or registered with another U.S. Soccer member organization.

As part of its Players First philosophy, and in order to promote a safe environment, US Club Soccer requires all Club/Team Staff to complete the following Player Health and Safety Initiatives (Click HERE and HERE to learn more):

  1. Become SafeSport Trained | FREE

  2. Complete the Sideline Sports Doc | $5

  3. Complete Background Screening | $18

  4. Register with US Club Soccer | $5 (Rec Staff); $25 (Competive Staff)

Note:  Individuals that are currently not registered with US Club Soccer are not allowed to participate with US Club Soccer-registered youth players, nor are they covered by US Club Soccer insurance.

Children can benefit immensely from the life lessons offered through high level sports.


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To aid in our overall Mission of improving the daily player experience, all Club/team coaches and managers are required Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) Certification in order to participate in any HSF sanctioned league.  HSF provides PCA Workshops annually—free of charge.

The "Double-Goal Coach®: Coaching for Winning and Life Lessons" Workshop helps to establish a collective culture that teaches children life lessons through sports.  Each attendee leaves as a PCA-Certified Double-Goal Coach, empowered to Coach for Mastery; Fill Emotional Tanks; and to Honor the Game.


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Club coaches and staff play incredibly influential roles in the lives of youth athletes, as they impact player development the most.  For this reason, HSF provides elevated standards to ensure a greater fulfillment of our collective responsibility—to create the best possible environment for Hawaiʻi’s players.

Consistent with U.S. Soccer’s Player Development Initiative (2016), and US Club Soccer’s Players First philosophy—HSF prioritizes individual player development before overall team results.  We focus on developing children as people first—and as Players First—to counter the “win-at-all-cost” culture that sacrifices players as individuals; and threatens the potential for long-term growth and success.

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