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Referees are often viewed as opponents, rather than officials and partners in youth development.  HSF seeks to replace the “cutthroat”, “win-at-all-costs” culture which currently plagues youth sports into a culture of winning with integrity and overall youth development.

Created in 2017, MENTOR is Maui's first youth soccer referee mentoring program. The mission of the program is to rebuild Maui's youth soccer referee pool by providing year-round referee training both on the field and in a classroom settings.

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A positive working relationship with officials shows that you Honor the Game; and reinforces your commitment to the rules and safety of your players.


Vernon Kapuaala
Director | Assignor


Roger Yamaoka
Mentor | Assignor


Leo Maghanoy

Administrators contend...verbal abuse is partially to blame for a dwindling referee pool in youth and high school sports. The fallout is crippling officiating bodies mired in a deeply cutthroat sports culture, one that often holds amateur referees to a professional standard.
— Nick Eilerson | The Washington Post



4[R] Youth is designed to guide us towards our goal of changing the culture and environment which led to our depleted soccer referee pool. The initiative shall follow these four simple guides:

1. Re·pair

fix or mend (a thing suffering from damage or a fault).

2. Re·plen·ish

fill (something) up again.

3. Raise

bring up (a child).

4. Re·tain

keep (someone) engaged in one's service.


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